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Код товара: РТ8232

Насос Hagen Laguna Max-Flo 600, 2200л/ч для водоёмов до 4400л


2279 грн. (2849 грн.) -20% (-570 грн.)

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- самовывоз из нашего офиса.
- курьером по адресу.
От 700грн. бесплатная доставка по Харькову.
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- Новая Почта, Деливери, Ин-Тайм, Укрпочта.
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Безналичными - ПриватБанк.
- Наложенный платеж (для не живых товаров).

Маленький, но мощный насос для пруда до 4400 л. Помпа изготовлена в Италии. Гарантия 3 года.

Описание Насос Hagen Laguna Max-Flo 600, 2200л/ч для водоёмов до 4400л

Laguna Max-Flo 600 Waterfall & Filter Pump - For ponds up to 1200 U.S. gal (4400 L)

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 600 U.S. GPH (2200 LPH) 2200 LPH
  • Maximum Head Height : 5' 10" (1.8 m) 
  • Maximum Pond Volume: 1200 U.S. gal (4400 L) 
  • Wattage: 32 W
  • Voltage: 120 V/60 Hz
  • Amperage: 0.45 A
  • Power Cord Length: 16' (5 m)
  • Outlet Diameter: ¾", 1", 1 ¼" (19, 25, 32 mm)
    Laguna Max-Flo 600 Waterfall & Filter Pump is designed to circulate water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and transport them to suitable external filter systems (including pressurized filters) which then trap debris that could potentially pollute pond water, effectively filtering the pond. 
    Max-Flo is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and watercourses. Easy to install and operate, the pump is completely submersible and engineered to run continuously. 
    Max-Flo 600 is intelligently managed by Laguna's next generation Smart Pump Technology (SPT), a major technical advancement that further improves pump performance, energy efficiency, and user friendliness. SPT is an internal self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency, so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently. 
    The pump is powered by a magnetic-driven motor that is unmatched in the market for its ability to generate powerful and continuous water flow while consuming minimal electricity-the perfect combination of high pump efficiency and low energy costs. This is great news for people who are wary of costly hydro bills. 
    The pump is also easy to assemble, thanks to an enhanced cage design. In addition, it now has stunning yellow colour accents that improve pump aesthetics. 
    Max-Flo 600 can handle solids up to 1/4" (6.3 mm) in size. 
    The pump is manufactured in Italy and guaranteed for 3 years. 
    Key Features: 
     Strainer cage protects impeller and assures continuous suction 
     1/4" (6.3 mm) diameter cage openings for solids handling capability 
     Easy-to-use Click-Fit connectors for fast and easy hose connections 
     Unique two-level suction capability, through upper and lower casing, for maximum water flow 
     Pump cage can be easily attached to a fixed surface using the convenient keyhole cutouts, located on the bottom of the pump cage 
     High stability as a result of extremely flat shape (low centre of gravity) 
     Ergonomic pump handle for a safe grip and easy transportation 

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